Useful tips in choosing your wedding cake

Choosing a wedding cake can be such fun while for others the experience could be quite overwhelming. Occasionally, brides fall in love with every kind of cake picture and ultimately get so confused; whereas in some other instances, the couples don’t even have a clue as to what they want their wedding cake to look like. We have provided some useful tips that may serve as a guide but more importantly, enable you enjoy the process of determining your dream wedding cake.

  • Start by exploring various wedding cake pictures either by surfing the web or checking different wedding magazines. Select at most five (5) pictures that you like (note that you don’t necessarily have to like everything about the cake). Examine the details on each tier while noting the designs and concepts that appeal to you. Afterwards, you can merge the concepts thereby creating that amazing design that you truly love.
  • Consider incorporating other elements of your wedding on the cake design and structure. Such elements may include: color preference, details from your invitation card, patterns from the wedding dress, your unique wedding logo, and perhaps your initials. That way, the wedding cake is unique and customized… just for you! An example is our reference picture that includes the couple’s wedding logo. To achieve this, do bear in mind that it is advisable to finalize the cake design after most elements of the wedding have been settled.
  • The wedding cake design can be based on a theme. Some of these themes include: peacock wedding, under the sea, by the beach, Art deco, diamond love affair, henna, royalty, and white roses. You can also combine two themes that work together. An example is a “Diamond love affair” and “White roses”.
  • Your wedding cake can also reflect your personality, occupation or where you’ve been. Who says the cake has to be white?
  • And whatever you do, keep your budget in mind.


Feed your imaginations while choosing your dream cake. Let your cake be a statement! Let it bring smiles to your face… even long after the wedding ceremony.