At TL Cake Boulevard, we go with you – beyond just making cakes, we create pleasant memories. We consider each order an opportunity to make a bold statement! We are passionate about creativity and excellence and we work to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile. Not only are our clients mesmerized by our designs, the taste of our cakes ultimately leaves them desiring more.

Our team, led by Titi, is equipped to make your imaginations come alive. Titi’s passion for Art started from her youth and it’s now being expressed in the art of cake making. She trained at the prestigious International Culinary Center (founded as the French Culinary Institute), New York, where she had the privilege of meeting and working with leading chefs in the world including Ron Ben Israel and Jacques Torres. This experience marked a turning point – helping to unleash the genius in her.

Titi is passionate and has an unparalleled sense of creativity. She thinks of creating something out of everything around her – she’s probably thinking of a pattern for her next cake design right now!

Have you conceived the idea for your next celebration cake? Let TL Cake Boulevard bring your dreams and expectations to life! With us, you can be sure of two things… A work of art and pleasant memories that will linger… perhaps for a lifetime.