African Day Cake Collaboration

When I decided to participate in the African Day Cake Collaboration event, I had an inspiration but I wanted to do something safer – a bas relief (e.g. Afro babe cake), which I had done many times before. However, I knew the latter wouldn’t be challenging. I discussed the idea with my staff and they all said we should go all the way. Our preferred design meant I had to do a human sculpture which I had never attempted. In fact, I always dreaded it. We eventually decided to do it. As you can imagine, we faced so many challenges. The first issue was the support structure (our neck is trying o). Moreover, getting the right skin colour was a lot of work (the lighting during the photo shoot made the cake colour look lighter). Finally covering the cake with colored paste also turned out to be an arduous task. The paste kept breaking because of the amount of color in the mix (a good learning experience when next I have a similar challenge). We had to redo the lips and the beads (the big beads). We overcame all the hurdles and the finished work is this masterpiece. We were all elated with this beautiful work of art. I had to constantly encourage my staff along the way whilst inwardly I sometimes felt like giving up on the project. But we did it at the end of the day. Well done team TL Cake Boulevard. You guys are amazing!

By the way, our cake was selected among top 4 cakes. It’s an honour!